Understanding energy CSV output and tryingt to calculate energy usage

I went to insights and then showed last 24 hours for my measurement of a heater (EVA Zigbee Smart Plug 16A plug ).
The report this for some measurements on energy usage (watts)

Example snip from output:

2023-08-21T19:35:00.000Z 4.42
2023-08-21T19:40:00.000Z 3.75
2023-08-21T19:45:00.000Z 861.83
2023-08-21T19:50:00.000Z 1894.68
2023-08-21T19:55:00.000Z 1906.23

Is this the total watts per 5 minutes? I wonder because the numbers don’t add up when I try looking at last 24 hours. The sum then becomes extremely large and it cannot be right. Maybe there’s an app to show this correctly?

Try this app

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Nice. however it seems really chaotic when adding all devices a second time just to monitor power usage.