POPP Strike Lock POPE012501

Hi all,

My POPP Strike Lock is acting weird.

  • When I power the module with a 9V block battery (for test purpose), I can add the device to Homey.
  • When I power the module with the 12V DC transfo, the led on the module keeps blinking and the module doesn’t react when i press the button to include the device into Homey.

Any idea?

And to be sure, the you test it with the bat and trafo on the same location in the house?

Also its 8-12 Volt dc. So check if its not above.

Hi Roy,

Yes, it’s the same location in the house. But the problem is not with the range.
On 9V battery, the led goes out after module startup and the module reacts when I hit the button on it.
On 12V transfo, the led keeps blinking and the button only reacts when I hit it for 10 seconds for a reset.

My multi meter says 13.67V but this should work because the specifications says 8…12V.

8-12v it says wich means between 8 and 12V

13.67 is not 8-12v
The lock needs 9 v, and you got the margin 1 v less or 3v more.

When it would have need 12v then with 13.67 you would probbely have been within the margin

Sorry, my mistake.
8…24 V DC
8…12 V AC

So 13.67 V DC sits between the 8…24 V DC

Ah oke :+1:

You probably need a electrolitic capacitor (100_1000uF) to improve the output from the powersupply, when the output is 13.6V and the spec. is 12V, it is not a regulated supply, they have mostly a large ripple on the output.

Also tested with 12V molex connector from computer power supply: same result.

Module is in RMA now.