POPP Strike Lock reacts reversed

Hi all,

Something strange is going on with my new POPP Strike Lock.
Schema strikeLock and magnetic lock_2
When I press “Unlock” in Homey, I measure 12V between pin 1 & 5.
When I press “Lock” in Homey, I measure 0V between pin 1 & 5.
Of this should be the other way around of course! My Magnetic lock works (“locks”) when current is applied. And no, switching pin 1 & 5 doesn’t help.

See the following movie for some live action: https://www.dropbox.com/s/27i58xisyzz9h2y/StrikeLock%20behaviour.mp4?dl=0

Any idea(s) ?

The popp works correctly, keep in mind the device also works on a 9 v battery. So if it should work like you want the battery would drain in a few days or less.

Just wonder what type of lock your using, a strike lock witch unlocks when power conect to the lock. Or a magnetic lock wich need power to keep the lock locked.

Ofcourse you could change 6 with 4 (relay) then there is 12v on the lock and when unlocking its 0v

Hi Roy,

The device is attached to a 230V AC to 12V DC transfo. So no battery drain risk.

The magnetic lock that I’m using requires power to be locked.

But changing 6 with 4 did the trick!

Many thanks for the quick reply and solution.

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