POPP smoke POPE004001

What is the point of complaining in your topic if only one user was more or less actively involved?

If the topic headline is “POPP smoke POPE004001”, no one can suspect that it is about raw configuration. Some people in the forum are experts in Z-Wave and raw configuration. Maybe you should use the search.

You can report errors either in the relevant topic (if available) or on GitHub. The link to the topic and to GitHub is often located at the bottom of the app page in the Homey App Store, e.g. POPP. Chromecast is programmed by Athom, so why not contact Athom?
If you have programming skills, you can also help with troubleshooting.

At the moment they are preparing the switch to Homey FW 5.0. Some apps will have to be completely rewritten or adapted. Therefore many programmers probably don’t have time to take care of other problems. You should also be aware that most apps are written and maintained by private people in their spare time.
Unfortunately there are also apps where the programmers don’t have the time or desire to do it. In the last weeks some older apps were taken over and updated by other programmers.