POPP smoke POPE004001


I have 8 of this POPE004001 and need to disable automatic mesh network as POPP recommends if >3 and control them with Homey.

I think I figured out how to change the raw config parameters in each sensor adv setting: Value: 5,1,00;6,1,00 - setting parameters 5 and 6 to inactive.

How can I “read” the new value I gave to parameter 5 and 6 ? New to Homey and cant find proper reading material to be honest and not and expert at this things.

Also, 2 smoke detectors still show the warning of an alarm I had days ago … how do I turn it off ? In Vera I could edit trip/untrip sensor …


Generally you can see the current values in Developer -> Devices. But I’m not sure if the parameters are shown, which are not visible in the advanced settings of the device.
It might be that you have to activate the “Power-User” mode in the Homey App before: More -> Settings -> Experiments -> Power-User

Thanks! In developer I can actually see the variable I was able to change easily in Vera before :slight_smile: But here I can’t figure out how to change it yet … any ideas ? Alarm_smoke to false …

This is what it causing the below…

In regards to param 5 and 6 … nope … Power-User didn’t show extra param to what it had before.

I tried with a flow to “Change alarm state” to “Silence alarm” but now seems to be an issue with this app … Flowcard_not_registered:


I really hope switching to Homey from Vera was a good move hahaha
I don’t have also a lot of time to look into things.

Thanks again for your feedback - learning every time something - didn’t know about this “developer” page - in Vera I had access to every param in one place…


Sensor stuck on alarm was because of sensor - battery partially in - in case it helps someone else. I guess any condition for alarm needs to go away before the alarms warning its gone - seems low level modification are not really allowed in Homey unfortunately.

Some complaints:)
Not much support in general- e.g. raw parameter questions…nor easy to train yourself

Seems a lot of apps have bugs and they are not being updated for really long time…Chromecast, Popp, Nexia to mention a few…seems a bit hopeless to leave this apps at the discretion of their developers and thats it…if they are not in mood of correcting bugs, or just not having time for them anymore, we just live with the physical devices not working properly?! Not everybody can write apps therefore the whole system is doomed to failure really, limitting the amount of users… I hope I misunderstood all this…???

What is the point of complaining in your topic if only one user was more or less actively involved?

If the topic headline is “POPP smoke POPE004001”, no one can suspect that it is about raw configuration. Some people in the forum are experts in Z-Wave and raw configuration. Maybe you should use the search.

You can report errors either in the relevant topic (if available) or on GitHub. The link to the topic and to GitHub is often located at the bottom of the app page in the Homey App Store, e.g. POPP. Chromecast is programmed by Athom, so why not contact Athom?
If you have programming skills, you can also help with troubleshooting.

At the moment they are preparing the switch to Homey FW 5.0. Some apps will have to be completely rewritten or adapted. Therefore many programmers probably don’t have time to take care of other problems. You should also be aware that most apps are written and maintained by private people in their spare time.
Unfortunately there are also apps where the programmers don’t have the time or desire to do it. In the last weeks some older apps were taken over and updated by other programmers.

Take it as making conversation really, or talking by my self, doesn’t really matter.

Point is, I was quite excited about Homey, the reason I spent the money for it, but after starting with it and learning a tiny bit, what to look for, it seems it has some major setbacks with this apps - the errors you mentioned to report them, if you just read the input from some users, they have been reported long long time ago and nada … I understand that can bring a lot of frustration for anybody who is just looking for its things to just work as they should.

Mentioning the new firmware and the possibilities of some apps not working anymore … uuuuuu … really hope will not be the case. For me all this “updates” are incomplete if it renders the end user with useless devices!! Anyways, I hope with time, Homey will build more confidence and become more reliable, as I enjoy it (but I will keep my Vera as backup :slight_smile: )

Enjoy the day, Seb

I would contribute if my programming skills would be better and reliable hahaha , but priorities are running my normal life :slight_smile: I will contribute by reporting what is not working or, as I did, give feedback if I figured out what was wrong with my setup

Info: The Chromecast App is updated.

How about that :slight_smile:
Thanks for notification, I was playing with this app yesterday actually, curios if indeed its fixed.

not working to cast a you tube video :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Maybe its just my system?
I am happy i can at least cast an audio url for what I need …