ITHO CVE-166 possibilities

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Since a few days I’m a user of Homey. The reason that I bought it is that there were a lot of burglaries in my neighborhood. Because of that we wanted to get ourselves an alarm, but since ‘regular’ alarm systems don’t have the options to implement Sonos, Hue, etc. I went for Homey.

Now that we have become enthousiastic, I’m trying to find out if there’s a way to be able to connect my ITHO CVE-166 ventilation unit to my Homey (and a humidity sensor). I think that the issue is that this unit doesn’t have a remote or any other wireless possibilities; I only have the rotary knob with three positions, where the first position also means it’s always on.

So far I found this product, but I’m wondering if that would work in combination with the ITHO CVE-166 I have and how I should implement it. Any help on whether this is possible and if so how it should be done would be really appreciated.


What you found is a 0-10V device, you’ll need a ventilator with a 0-10V input to use it, not sure if your fan support this?
Like you describe it you switch the fan now with a 3 position switch? You can replace this one by two relays connected to homey.

Thank you for your reply Maurice.

I indeed have a 3 position switch (couldn’t find the right word myself). With every position the intensity of the ventilation is increased. However, within the first position it’s not turned off.

I was not able to find whether my unit actually has 0-10V input. I looked online a lot which didn’t help. I only found this document. Based on that I assume it’s 230V, but since I lack a bit of technical knowledge I’m not sure. The sticker on the unit itself states 230V - 50Hz and 70W.

You’ll need a double relay which can switch 230VAC. A three position wall switch normally switches in position two the first input and in the third position the second input. Setting the switch to the first position result in no input for the fan, because the fan is powered separate it will run at the lowest speed.
If you want to be sure there’s no 0-10V input you can post a picture of the connection board of the fan.
I recently bought a new fan (R-vent XWVS) with a 0-10V input because I also wanted to control it with Homey.

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Is this picture of the connection board clear enough?

Sorry no useful info on the picture. I checked the manual and the switch is working as I described above. Just switch L2 and L3, if you want to have 3 stages. Also possible to just switch one so you have 2 stages. You can find the manual here.

By the way, you can use the Aqara double relay for this, +/- €15 on Ali.

Maybe this helps:

Just to make sure I understand you correctly.

I should get a double relay like this one. Would this one also work?

So once I have a relay I should use the S1 and S2 to make sure my current position wall switch keeps working. L1 will become ‘Middenstand’ and L2 will become ‘Hoogstand’? How do I set things up within Homey?

Both relays can work. I’m not sure how things will work out if you also want to keep using your “old switch”. Both relays have an input for external control, but what if you old switch is on “high” and you put the fan back to “low” with homey?

I think I ready somewhere that the highest setting works. However, if I can’t control it using the position switch it’s not an issue. The whole reason that I want to connect this to Homey is that the previous owner decided to control the bathroom ventilation from the kitchen :sweat_smile:. My goal is to increase or decrease the ventilation based on the humidity sensor values.

Do you have any suggestions for a good humidity sensor? I was thinking about getting this sensor.

I have a few of those, they are quite good for the price (see Ali)! Good luck with wiring your fan and making awesome flows!

I just saw that Qubino currently has a discount at the store I’m looking at. Would this relay also work? Just to make sure :slight_smile:

You can be sure!