Natively supported Mechanical Ventilation Box for Homey

Hi all,

I’m a long time Homey user and once started (before Homey) with an X10 system. My mechanical home ventilation unit (Mechanische ventilatie, JE Storckair CML 14) is now connected with 2 X10 modules to control it through Homey. Since a few days my X10 controller (CM15Pro) is dead so I am looking for a new solution. I found out that a fully new mechanical ventilation unit uses much less power and has much less noise. But to integrate it more cleanly in Homey I was wondering if there are any Mechanical Ventilation units that can be natively integrated in Homey without the use of seperate controllers/switches/relays etc…

Because of the much better power consumption the time it takes to pay itself back (terugverdientijd in Dutch) is about 3 to 4 years. So that’s another +.

Would love to here everyone’s ideas and solutions.

Itho devices can be upgraded with a WiFi board and those work very good together with MQTT which can be added to homey. I guess that is as much native as can be done to my knowledge.

Using two of them by the way

Truely there is none.

Also the itho products requires quite some fiddling around , way beyond every-day- customer-knowledge-level.

I dare not say you need to be nerd to do it, as some people completely flip through the roof when they see that word.

But if you can handle X10 (why this never made it to larger customer audience?) You can handle the Itho-piggyback that Arjen Hiemstra developed and sells.
On tweakers there is a loooong thread about it:

I find it extremely weird that none of the big fan companies have zigbee or z-wave integration with support for the important platforms.

Then a word to fan efficiency: clean your fanblades regularly, like every half year. It helps aerodynamic efficiency a lot

Again, have you tried this? There are manuals for everything. Just because you think it’s for nerds, doesn’t mean it is hard.

I am definately a need but because of (IT) work I would like something that would be great if worked out of the box to save me time (and hassle later) and just keeps working.

But then I will look at the best options for now.

Thanks so far!

Not native, but this thread about duco might be interesting