New Itho Daalderop system, no Homey app?

Got a brand new Itho Daalderop (I D) mechanical ventilation with remote control in my house. May be I will add Itho’s thermostat with climate data display. However, the only Homey app for Itho Daalderop I can find requires an I D gateway, but this gateway is no longer for sale. Does anybody know if there’s possibility to get my MV and this thermosat working in Homey?

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A quick search on the forum gave this option to use the Wifi module:

Thanks, but that’s an old thread for the old situation.

Hi Old Topic I noticed, but I’ve ordered a Homey Pro (waiting for delivery somewhere in march I guess), and am looking to make my own integration.

I’ve already have made a custom interface that allows changing the Fan speeds with 0-10v (which most new devices work with I assume). Mine works i.c.w. with a living room air quality sensor. I’ve created custom hardware to take the air quality and bathroom humidity to determine the fan speed.

I am currently reviewing this little project, let me know if you’re interested?

Hi Matin,

I have a Itho Daalderop system also. Configuration of the Itho system sounds the same as my setup.
See no app for my Homey Pro, so I am interested in the project!

Hi Benno. I do not have an Itho but i am sure it works all the same if it accepts the 0-10v
As mentioned I currently use my own hardware, but thinking of simplifying it perhaps by using Tasmota. I’ve noticed that this is only supported on homey if you have MQTT, which not everyone uses.