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Is someone developing an app for Itho central home fans with RFT remote control?

Is someone developing an app for Itho central home ventilation systems with RFT remote control? I would find it very convenient to use such an app in flows that can switch the Itho-box in higher settings when there are more people in the house or when there is a high humidity in the bathroom.

I hope someone will develop an app some day. This is asked before…
itho ventilator box and Controlling a central ventilation system with Homey

Thanks. It was indeed asked on the archived part of the Forum. Athom is not planning to develop such an app. So I hope someone will.

Op Robbshop.nl website staat een beschrijving hoe je dit kan gaan aansturen, ook mbv de Homey.

mvg Herman

Herman, could you post the link to Robbshop’s description?
i would like to control my itho aswell…

Ik denk dat het deze link is… (Eng.: I think it’s this link)

It’s under Domotica, domotica voorbeelden

Thanks. If I remember correctly, the Robbshop.nl solution takes some technical installation steps. I prefer an app using the same RFT signals as the Itho remotes use. The app solution should work better with the remotes, if I understand correctly.

Plz keep the conversation in English so all peeps around the world can read along.

Thanks for the link.

I believe the ITHO ventilation system remotes is a ~800 Mhz ish signal?
I mean isn’t it simple to make an app that just listens to the signal when i push the Remote from ITHO so we can all assign it to homey and play with it ? Just like the Kaku ecosystem do it?
Or is it not that simple to make a listening mode feature ?

I have no idea whether that would possible, but it sounds like a plan.