Read rf signal from stork zehnder ventilation system

Is there anyone who can tell me if there is an app which works with my rf remote for my zehnder Stork ventilation system.

And if not. Who would be able to make one.

@anne and @MrDutchfighter (and others) already did research and testing:

There’s already an app for controlling, not for receiving unfortunately:

Or for the wifi-remote:

Looking into controlling a Zehnder / StorkAir Comfofan S as well. I have RF CO2 sensors and an RF bathroom timer at home, but if I understand correctly, it’s hard to control the Comfofan by RF.

I chose to go with a Z-wave controlled switch, which can switch the 0-10V wired input on the Zehnder comfofan. I found that the Qubino Flash 0-10v Z-wave dimmer should be able to do this.

I’m currently awaiting the arrival of this z-wave switch and I plan to wire it in the following way:

Hope I figured out the wiring correct - will let know if this works.

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Validation issue :frowning:

Hi Peter, I was wondering if you have this working? Regards Ronald

No, Can’t install it with CLI. Validation error with Homey 2.x.x

Okay thanks for the update.

How is this coming along? I have a zehnder comfoair e300 that i would like to controll via Homey

any update from you guys on things that work or dont? already read the topic:

In my case I got a warmtewinner / Invetum spaarpomp in my hous with the zehnder Stork RF remote controls

I am curious.


Good idea. I have the Inventum spaarpomp and would like to achieve the same. Did you find any solution?

Did you get it to work for you? The conections seem OK to me.

Was there any more information on this topic? I use warmtewinner from Eneco, with Zehnder remote. No perilex or other hardwired options available. Would like to integrate with Homey flow to start/stop ventilation.