Control Zehnder RFZ device

Hi, does any one know how to control this RFZ device ?
I like to control my ventilation in the when CO2 is rising or when humidity is too high.

Since Homey has problems learning 433 Mhz signals, I would recommend you a Broadlink RF pro.
He can read the signals and pass them on to Homey.

Maybe just handy to settle down exactly which ventilation system you have. If you have a zenhder comfort system then you can do this with the 0-10 volt contact which is on the ventilation system. Then you could build in a qubinio 0-10v dimmer and operate the ventilation system with it

I have a inventum ecolotion 50 combi heat pump/ventilation.
Do you think it is possible to control both rf (71) and 10V (66)?


you can connect a qubinio 0-10v module to the circled contacts. I do want to advise you to take the current RF modules / receivers out of it, because there is a chance that they will break if you leave it in place and connect an external 0-10V module, I know from my own experience.

Thanks for your information.
BTW your site is very cool.

If you have any questions about connecting the ventilation system, you must let us know. Thank you and good to hear that you like my site. I try to make it a nice site. Did you already see the new flow page? There are some flows that you can use for the ventilation system.

hi guys. Any update on how it is working with inventum ecolotion (is it nearly equal to " de warmtewinner" from Eneco/ Inventum (spaarpomp) ? ) in combi with the qubinio 0-10v dimmer? Or anyone used the idea from the undertaker (broadlink RM Pro+)? page 30 is the electrical scheme.

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Would be also interested as I have the Spaarpomp

+1 here. I don’t want to intervent with the electric circuit (i’m renting the house, it’s not mine). The Zehnder does receive RF signals. If Homey can transmit them, i hope someone can write an app for it.

My system: Zehnder Comfofan S with RFZ remote.

Kind regards, Heronimus

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This is where I was looking for at first!

Did anybody find a compatible device or perhaps was someone able to write an app for the zehnder rfz?