Plugwise app stops and restart does not work

The Plugwise app in Homey stops werking after a few hours. Restart does not resolve the issue. During the restart, one sees that the temperaturen show in the device icon, but they disaster into the red triangel. Sometimes the restart works ( 1 out of 10 or something).

In the Plugwise app from Plugwise itself, everything works fine.

This shows the times that the app stops werking. Sinds the last stop I have not been alle to restart.

Homey model Earl 2019,
Software version 7.1.4
Plugwise appversion: 2.8.0 (automatisch update switchen on)

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I have the same issues since 09-10-2021.
Happend a few times before but it auto recovered after a couple of days…

For about a week I have (again) connected my Anna to the internet. This is visible in my Lan under a different name. This connection has been up all the time whist the Adam dropped out twice and for several days. Only difference I have seen so far is that the Anna is connected directly to the modem, but the Adam is connected to the (much nearer) Super wifi.

As the App is the same, this makes the issue quite complicated for me.

Are there any suggestions what this more can be?

I have further investigated this issue. The following seems the case

  1. From Plugwise, I gather that the issue lies in the mDNS system of Homey.
  2. I have at home a WiFi mesh (KPN Super wifi). If something happens in the WiFi (Move a Superwifi or one is on a less reliable location), the Homey connection fails. Switching the Superwifi off, the Adam or Anna looks for a different connection point. If that is found and sufficient reliable, the restart of the app resolves the issue.
  3. last attempt to restart (after the Adam found a new Superwifi) did not work. But switching the app off and on again, did work. :thinking:

Hope this will be helping developers to come with a solution or advice to resolve this more easily.

regards Hugo