Plugwise app out of service?

I have been using Plugwise Adam in combination with an Anna and some Tom’s with the Homey app for several months, even years now… This morning, I found out that my heating was not on. I use presence detection in flows to do so. Apparently, the communication stopped on November 6th at around 14:00 local Brussels time.
The Plugwise app on smartphone is working fine, but the Homey app isn’t working anymore. Restarted the app, no result, all Plugwise devices show a red exclamation mark. Restarted the complete Homey, no result either. At this moment, I don’t want to remove and reinstall the app as I then will need to reconfigure everything.
Anyone has the same problems? Maybe the issue is located at Plugwise?

My Anna is working fine in Home Assistant.

Thanks for your prompt reply robertklep. And in the meantime; very strange - Plugwise is back on-line… Don’t know what caused the issue…