Plugwise thermostate Anna not found after Homey update 7.2.0 10H ago

After the Homey update to version 7.2.0 my thermostate is no longer recognized.
Plugwise restarted.
Thermostate gateway restarted.
Thermostate can be reached and operated with the plugwise app on my iPhone.
When I open the Thermostate the message is:
Apparaat niet beschikbaar = Device not available
Searching for devise . . .

Homey (EIearly 20218), firmware 7.2.0
Homey app on iPhone v6.9.3.827
Plugwise v2.8.0
Termostate Anna firmware v4.2.1

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A thought, it probably has a different IP address than during initial setup?

Is Anna still connected to internet, and on the same subnet as Homey?
Check if you still can logon to Anna at

Can you try to restart Homey?

Hello Peter,
Thanks for the suggestions.
The IP-address is still the same (fixed address from my router).
Anna is connected to internet. The Plugwise app (not the one in the homey, but the one on my iPhone) still workd and anna can be operated.
And I can logon to Anna via Plugwise.
So far. I will try the other suggestion: restaring Homey.

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Hello Ted,
Thanks. I will try that tomorrow.

Rebooted Homey.
I assumed that Homey restarted after the update but apparently not.
@TedTolboom and @Peter_Kawa Thanks for help.

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It does, but sometimes more than one reboot are necessary.

This can be monitored:
(Flow" Homey = restarted"
If… Homey has started)

(Flow “Homey speech to text”.
If… Homey said something)

Timeline (in Dutch)
Notification: “Homey said: Homey is being updated, this can take a while. Don’t cut the power”

hier hetzelfde. plugwise was onbereikbaar. moest beide opnieuw opstarten.