Philips Hue Motion sensor leaves Zigbee network

As soon as I add the Philips Hue Motion sensor to my Homey Pro, I get a message saying: “Homey - Zigbee-enheten (Zigbee-unit) Occupancy Sensor lämnade nätverket (left the network)”. after that it appears among my devices, but with an exclamation-mark in a red triangle.
I don’t use the Philips Hue-app in Homey Pro 2023, but rather the app Philips Hue, without the bridge. Ideas anyone?

There are issues with Zigbee on HP2023, there are plenty of threads about it here on the forum.

Started working when I removed the Philips Hue-app and only used Philips Hue, without the bridge. Thanks

So even though you didn’t use the app, removing it solved your problem? Strange…

I agree it is strange, but it did solve my problem, and now the motion sensor works again.

BR Johan

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