Hue motion sensor - device has left the zigbee network

Homey pro 2023
Hue motion sensors of 3 different types (2 versions indoor, 1 outdoor)
About 80 lights hue
Hue without the bridge 2.0.51 app

For some time, I experience the error:
The device has left the zigbee network.
After a reset of the device (button/paperclip) it will connect again.
In some cases the device with the error will still function to operate the flows (!)
But not always.

Anybody had this problem and managed to solve this?

This is a known issue and is discussed already in several different topics, e.g. Device reported as having left the Zigbee network but is still working. Afaik also in some app topics like Aqara and Philips Hue without the bridge.

Because this is user forum only and afaik there is no solution yet, please contact the support of Athom.

Beside of that what Dirk already said, you can try to restart only the hue-without-the-bridge-app. This would avoid to reset the device.
If this works, then I think (!) that the restart of the app could also be automated by flow as an interim solution until the mentioned problems with zigbee are solved.

Thanks, tried that already several times, but no succes.

Hope there will be a future solution.