All Philips Hue lights deleted from Zigbee network


When I came home today I noticed that non of my lights where turning on. They should turn on automatically because of motion sensors and a multitude of flows.

When I dug a little deeper I saw that non of the Philips Hue lights where connected to the Zigbee network of my Homey (So there wasn’t much of a network left). And one by one the Homey would “delete” the lights with the error message “This Zigbee device has left the network”. Now all my lights are deleted from my homey and I’m forced to add them all back and fix every flow which contained one of these devices.

My question is if anyone knows what the bleep happend and how I can prefend it from ever happening again. The lights are Philips Hue filament lights and a few IKEA Tradfri ones. They where all connected to the homey directly (so without a bridge). My system with all the devices and flows worked fine for the last 2 years.

My though was to add a Hue bridge so Homey does’nt have to manage such a big Zigbee network. But I don’t know if that wil help or make the stability even worse

I just noticed that all the devices that are still “connected” to the Zigbee network stopped reporting 10 hours ago. So it looks like it is not only my lights that are broken…

Try Pull the plug for >10 minutes

Try a new powerplug min. 2 Amp

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Thanks for the advice. I had to factory reset my Homey before the Zigbee network would work again. Now I put a Philips Hue Bridge inbetween the Homey and my lights. So my Homey won’t have to manage as many devices. And if it does break again I’m not entirely without light

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