Device reported as having left the Zigbee network but is still working

I have a Hue motion sensor which I use without the Hue Bridge. For the second time in two weeks Homey reports the device ‘has left the Zigbee network’. The device is however still functioning fine. All movement is registered and associated flows are executed as expected. My Zigbee network is strong (multiple Zigbee routers and range extenders) and I have multiple other Zigbee devices (Aqara temperature sensors) in close proximity to the Hue sensor which are all are working fine.

The first time the sensor apparently left the network I repaired it in the Homey app and paired without any problems. I can obviously do that again but I find it very strange that it’s being reported as having left the network while it still works.

Any ideas?

First I’d like to recommend to report this behaviour @ Athom Support | Homey

If it works, it ain’t broken; if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it :crazy_face:
But it’s not OK of course.

On the Zigbee developer tools the zigbee device still shows as reporting it’s status regularly.

I’ll report the behaviour to Athom Support.

Many users have already reported this problem. It’s probably a problem with Homey itself or with the firmware, so please contact the support.

It was a firmware issue and it has been resolved in firmware 10.3.1

I’ve been dealing with this issue for a long time now.

I was happy to see the relases of new firmware but the bad news is that firmware version 10.3.1 has not fixed the problem for me.

I just had two devices leaving the network. It mostly concerns philips hue devices ( RWL021 and SML001). Could the ‘philips hue without the bridge’ app be causing this? I have 4 routers in my network and no wifi channels are close to the zigbee channel. As reported before the devices are still active.



Probably not, but why not ask in the app topic for the PHWTB app.

You are aware zigbee ch.11 and wifi ch.11 are not using the same frequency?
In fact it’s a good choice for least interference.

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I repeat myself, please contact Athom support.

The problem has reappeared. The Hue sensor has once again left the network according to Homey but continues to work. So the firmware has not solved the problem it seems.

I’ll contact support again.