Device spontaneously leaving the network

I switched to a Pro2023 a few days ago. The migration went fairly smoothly.
The Zigbee network has been completely rebuilt from the ground up.

In addition to the Pro2023 (in the technical room), I also have a Bridge as a satellite in the living room.

Now I have the strange problem that Zigbee devices in the web interface and in the app are suddenly inaccessible with the message. “Device has left Zigbee network.”

But strangely enough, in reality they are still active.
For example, sensors still correctly control the flow with lighting.
The outdoor sensor in the screenshots still sends temperature updates to the database.
And a remote control still turns on the light normally via the necessary flows.

So it’s really only the presentation in the interfaces that is wrong.

A reboot will not help.

Are you on latest firmware ? If so, please submit bug report to Athom including System Debug ID.

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The reply from Athom on the ticket: It is a known issue and they are already working on a fix. No commitment on any timing though.
So, patience is a nice virtue… :wink: