Hi guys, something about Philips Hue Contact sensor? It is not working with homey :frowning:,-without-the-bridge/test/

Thank you but, Contact Sensor from Philips HUE isn’t in Supported devices.

Sorry, I read to fast, thought you were talking motion sensor.

Not supported as it seems, also with the other Hue app
You can contact both developers and request for support.
Contact info is present at the bottom of the app pages!

Hi all, we have received samples of the new Hue Secure products and will start looking at how they can be integrated within the current Hue API. I can’t give any commitment on when they will be availible but just know we’re working on it :wink:


Any updates? Want to stay in the Hue eco world if possible

The sensor currently is available through the test version of the Hue App. Will be released to stable soon :wink: :+1:


Still only in test ?

Currently, the Hue Contact Sensor will remain in its testing phase. Additionally, the test version will feature a significant update related to the Philips Hue API. We aim to conduct further testing before making it available in the stable release. Keep you posted! :smile: :+1:


Is there any disadvantage by installing these contact sensors from the test version ? Do I have to do it again when they become available in the standard app ?

You can see using the test version as switching over to beta software, it works but you might encounter some bugs. When the stable update goes live you won’t have to do anything :wink:

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I suddenly lost all my lights on 2/3 bridges. The lights work on my last bridge, but none of the accessories work. Is there s problem with the test app?

How about this? It took 4 months to long to implement and test this. I really want to finally add it to homey, because the HUE app is very minimalistic.

As mentioned in the posts above

Philips has implemented substantial updates to their API, resulting in some synchronization issues with the color settings of lights in Homey. These bugs must be resolved prior to releasing the update to the stable channel. We highly value the quality we deliver through our platform, and that sometimes requiers a bit of patience :wink:


Thanks for your fast reply. Didn’t mentioned that.
I installed the test version now and will see how that goes.
I don’t use the color settings in Homey so that won’t be an issue for me.
Hopefully the final release will be done soon. I appreciate your work :green_heart:

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Today after the Hue update I lost controll of all my Hue lights in my 3 hue bridges.
I have used your test version for a while now due to the contact sensor.

I have tried to install the test version again but this does not work. Any idea why I would lose all my lights in the process from your test app, to the updated Hue app?

Same issue. Can control a few bulbs but not all

Hi All,

I use the Hue app version 6.1.12.
Recently I Installed two contact sensors in my Homey PRO.

There are two indicators; Contact alarm and Sabotage alarm.

I’m missing the open/closed status from the device.

Is there an update planned to add this?
The open closed indicator is where I want to react on too.

Thanks in advance,

This would be the contact alarm :wink:

When the door opens the contact alarm turns on, when the door closes the contact alarm turns off.