Is there a connector for my Philips Hue Door Secure?

Just received my Homey Pro. And I want to include my Philips Dor Secure sensors in a flow. But… I think the door secure sensors are too new, so I can’t see them in the Philips Hue app. Maybe I just have to wait, but I was wandering if anybody has an idea here on how long this waiting would take (I also asked Philips Hue), if there is a cool alternative, or another way to add them??

I am thinking about to use a lamp per sensor, link those (sensor on = lamp on = start flow), but this has some issues also.

Any ideas would be more than welcome!

Hi Mark,

There’s a system:

There are 2 Philips Hue apps in the App Store available, but I guess you use the official Hue App by Athom, right? The Philips Hue Secure Contact Sensor is not supported yet. So the only thing you can do is to ask Athom if they will add this sensors. However, I am very sure that Athom will not give you a date.

Use other contact sensors that are compatible with Homey. Or, if it’s possible to send a WebHook when the Contact Sensor is opened/closed, then you can use this way.

Hi! Thanks for thinking with me!
I tried both of the apps and emailed both (the developer and Athom). Like you said, Athom did not give me a date but also (kind of) said that it was not a focus to update the apps. My hopes are on the developer now.
The webhook is new to me (I know what it is, but not sure how it works in Homey). But, hey, thats just fun to figure out! And if nothing works, then I have 3 door sensors to sell…:wink:


Understood! And I emailed the developer of the Community app.

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