Connecting Philips Hue Motion Sensor with Homey Bridge

Hello, I just received a newsletter from Athom providing one article about motion sensors: Find the Best Motion Sensors for Your Smart Home in 2021 | Best Buy Guide
Here they write about several motion sensors, that were tested and say “…you have nothing to worry about with Homey Bridge and Homey Pro, both of which…”.

One of the motion sensors in the list Athom tested is the Philips Hue Motion Sensor . Unfortunately in my Homey Bridge I can’t connect to that sensor, which is already connected to my Hue Bride (which also is connected to Homey Bridge).

Does someone have an idea how to connect that motion sensor to be available for flows then?

Thanks for your help!

At the moment that’s simply not possible with Homey Cloud/Bridge, regardless of what Athom says in their marketing material.

Additional, you can see for yourself in the appstore. View the differences by hitting the Pro or Beta button.

Thanks Robert!

That doesn’t build a lot of confidence when there are false information out for sales reasons. Or does one end of the company just doesn’t know what the other is doing? Strange…

Thanks Peter, I had seen that but was irritated about Athom’s announcement. So I thought I did something wrong…

YW, Sebastian.
Yes there was lot of fuzz about the marketing…
Marketing is always overdone, but in different degrees.
Something like, you think you buy this, according to the promo:

but you’ll find this inside the box:

Just received the following anser from Athom support:

Thank you for contacting Athom support.
Sadly it is not possible to add your Hue motion sensor due to the Homey bridge due to the limitations of the sensor.
I do agree that this is something that is not explained very well in the article you have send me and requested our marketing team to make a mention of this.

This all sounds pretty disappointing. I honestly don’t think the sensor has limitations either. Because in Homey Pro the sensor also works…

That sounds like a load of @#&)€=#. This is Athom’s choice to link to the Hue bridge and not have an app to link it straight to the Homey bridge. And even with the Hue bridge, it is all about server load, not sensor limitations. Their current Hue implementation requires polling to get sensor data, which asks lot of data to be transferred. I even think they could write a better implementation if they wanted to.

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Hello Edwin,

thanks for those intresting insights!

I thought, by paying $ 3 extra every month for the using of their server they can provide me an adequate performance to deal with those continous sensor data…

So I guess the only optoin is to get rid of the Bridge and use Homey Pro!?


I think Pro would serve you a lot better if you like home automation. And if it doesn’t serve you well, then the bridge most certainly won’t.