Pet immune PIR using advanced flows

I have an alarm system set up in the house, using hard wired PIR sensors, each fitted with a Fibaro Implant. I prefer hard wired units. However when i set the alarm (Heimdall) my 15Kg dog will set things off.

I know the Aeotec sensors are adjustable and i have a couple of them on test, but they pick up the dog also, even when set to the lowest value, and no other pet immune sensors seem available.

With the implementation of the new Advanced flow, which i think are great, is there a way to “filter” out dog movements that anyone can think of ?

Long shot i know, but maybe someone else has had this issue.

All the processing is done inside the sensor, it just tells Homey it detected movement, so there’s not much that Homey can do to improve detection.

Yeah, that is clear Robert, it was more some flow ideas to register and act on frequency / density of triggers, before raising an alarm.


@Rockhoppers I have an indoor Eufy camera that has a function to filter out pet movement, and has a homey app

Thanks, will look at that option.