Pause flow cards

Would be nice to be able to pause flow cards, relevant in many situations, instead of deleting them. Changing batteries to siren alarms will make the tamperalarm to go off etc.

Anyone else with the same interest?


You can disable flows:


(right-click on the flow you want to disable in the sidebar on, don’t have my phone with me so don’t know exactly how to do it from the mobile app)

It is also possible to enable and disable flows with a flow. Example: when on vacation you want some flows not to run because of your housekeeper, with a vacationflow you can disable certain flows. And you guess right now, when coming back from vacation you can enable certain flows.

thanks, I see some use for that. Still, a pause icon on the flow would be fast and helpful.

I agrea!! Would be much more dummy proof. You can request this, following the link below.

Request to Add support for NEW Features : 20

Thx, requested as mentioned above. Asked for three icons on the flow bar, play, pause and stop, or just play and pause.

what will be exactly the different between flow is disabled and flow is paused?

Which flows Instanz should be stopped or paused?
(If you have delays in the Aktion cards, more than one flow Instanz can run in the same time)

you can all it whatever you want, the point is to make it more accessible and “dummyproof”. One way to do it is to put an icon on the actual flows, so you can manage flows in one place. I don`t know, what do you think? Ever tried to right-click with a phone?

It’s not that much harder on a phone: select the flow, click on the cogwheel icon (top right), and disable/enable it from there.

yes, so four steps instead of one!

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Did I understand you right? You want only have beside the play button an additionally flow disable button, right.

Stopp and paused doesn’t exist right now.
For my understanding Stopp a flow means that you want Stopp a running flow. This is not implemented.

And pause a flow means, paused a flow and are able to continue the flow exactly on the status where the flow was paused before. This is also not implemented.

My guess would be that a lot of people will hardly ever use the ability to disable a flow, and adding a fixed button to the UI might actually cause issues with people accidentally pressing it and wondering why their flows stopped working.


That is correct, that is why I am requesting this function! A pause button to disable the flow for a short time (or long), and play when you want to start it again, with easy access on the flow card, everything in one place. And if the icons are animated you can have full control in the flow page without having to go through four steps and saving to disable a flow.

Well, I would guess the pause icon would turn red? By all means, if you like to use your thumbs todays solution is workable. By having a pause function you could also choose multiple flows, and use it like a normal flow.

A Pause/Resume functionality is not interchangeable with a Disable/Enable functionality regardless of UI/UX.
A Pause/Resume should be implemented in the Action part of the flow to interrupt the flows actions. A Disable/Enable functionality is implemented in the Trigger part of a flow to prevent a flow from starting.

sounds good to me…

Yes, but your explanation shows different,

you see the confusion? You may think it’s nitpicking but these will be the issues that have to be dealt with if such functionality is added.

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I`m not a developer, I just see a need.

me neither, I just see a confusing request.

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it`s actually very simple, maybe making it confusing?