Pause flow


Is there a way to “sleep” a flow for x sec, before next flowcard is triggered?

You can add a delay to the flowcards. Maybe that is what you are looking for?
This is possible for all action flowcards.

With the Chronograph App you have the possibility to insert a “Delay” card.
But this card seems to be buggy, because it’s only possible to use max 59 sec (see this post).

Thanks, it works

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If you are looking to delay multiple cards I am quite sure you can only do this by either trigger another flow after the delay, or put a delay in each card you want paused. Homey will try to execute cards in parallel or will continue with cards that are not delayed. In my opinion triggering a flow for the followup steps is the best choice.

For best control over delays a timer app such as Chronograph or others is often preferrrable over the built in delays, because the offer much more control. I only use built in delays for the real short and easy stuff.