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Pause a flow

Why not make it possible to pause a flow?

Some time you might want to pause a flow or a group of flows, in my example i’m att call att fire department every three week. during that time i have the heater starts in my car when the temperature in the car drops below 0 and turns of when the temperatur is above 6 degrees.
During the time i’m on call i but my beeper on a vibrationdetektor så when the alarm goes of all the lights on my way out is on for 1 minute and the turns of.

I would like to pause those flows when i’m not on call, i think every user of Homey has some times found the need to pause a flow aswell.

That’s already possible by disabling a flow:
Just start typing the name of the flow in the textbox and you can ‘Pause’ any flow

To enable it again:

Thats one way to do it by letting the flow enable/disable it self.

I was more after a button saying enable/disable here.

You can right click a flow and disable it.

Ahh thanks Phuturist that was what i was looking for :slight_smile:

You can also make a virtual switch (on call or not). If you use it as a criteria in the middle column of the flows, the flow will only be triggered if the switch “on call” is switched on.

Thats briliant Raymond that was the solution i was looking for. I havent noticed the virtual devices until you mentioned them.
With one switch i control several flows. And not be needed to disable each one of them when i dont want them to run.