Passage detection


I want my path-lights (to my frontdoor) going on when somebody is entering the domain. I’ll have a fibaro switch to control my path lights but now in need of a ‘passage’-sensor;

I don’t think that Amy motion sensor will help because of the wide angle and my path to the frontdoor is starting at streetlevel.

Is there any sensor (like a passage sensor in a store (eye and reflector) that is supported by homey ?

Thanks in advance



As far as I know there is no such sensor supported direct by Homey.

However you can easily get an ordinary retro reflective sensor (eye and reflector as you described it…) and have for example a Fibaro Universal Sensor or Fibaro Implant connected to the sensor’s output. This is the reason Fibaro came up with such units, to have an ordinary sensor integrated into Home Automation.

THANKS ! Not the answer I hoped for, but seems like the only possibility

Certainly not the only possibility. I have my ring doorbell doing video motion detection, and that triggers my hue outdoor light. Any camera with motion detection can be used as trigger.

For some of the sensors you can cover parts of the sensor with a plastic front. So you can create a pretty much an exact beam.

I use this one: