Panel heaters


What kind of panel heaters do people use with Homey? I searched the app database, but didn’t find any.

I see that Mill and Glamox both have heaters that work on Wifi: (Norwegian)



Also looking for wifi-enabled panel heaters to work with Homey, and not the native producers’ apps. Been in contact with Mill earlier, which said they are looking into opening for control of the heaters outside their own app. Please reach out @JohnS should you eventually come across an Homey app for this!

Same here, I’m also looking for some smart heaters that would be integrated with Homey.
I would at least buy 10-12 Mill heaters if there was a Homey app.
Following this thread.
Regards John_O.

I also have several of these Adax heaters with WLAN, which I would like to control from Homey. The maker is Adax, but the chip inside is the same on several of these panel heaters. From the router it seems like the brand of the chip is Espressi and it also says ESP_E33. The maker page for the oven is here: and the lan chip:
But so far not been able to read the data from Homey.
Nice if somebody has a solution to this one:-)
brg Simen

Sonoff is also an Espressif based product, maybe @robertklep can assist

The LAN-chip is probably either an ESP8266 (most likely) or ESP32 (less likely).

It can either be running the code that implements the communications protocol with the mobile app, or it is used as a simple WiFi-chip and there’s another microcontroller inside the heater that’s running it.

In this situation, I would suggest to somehow eavesdrop on the communications between the mobile app and the heater. The ESP-devices typically don’t use encrypted communications.

Hi, did you Figure out how to use the Adax Wifi with Homey?
Got 5 of them myself, would have been so nice to connect with Homey!
Regards, Magnus

I’m using beha panel heaters

They do have wifi version but I bought dumb one and I’m controlling them with fibaro relays. Dumb made smart external way. Indeed I’m unable to set temperature but I have room sensor that cuts power using same relays.