Pairing TRADFRI Filament Light e27 (704.556.76)

I am trying to pair a number of Tradfri Filament lights.
It is cumbersome, but I managed to have (in the end) 6 lamps paired.
The seventh will not pair - even after trying all the resetting etc.

Is there a limit to the number of this type of lights to be connected to the IKEA Tradfri app ?

Somebody else experiencing the same kind of problems ?

Pls help

There’s a limit to the number of directly connected Zigbee devices (i.e. device that connect with Homey directly instead of through another Zigbee router device) of about 20 devices. When you reach that limit, the symptoms are usually that it becomes very difficult (if not impossible) to add new devices.

A workaround that may work is to try and add the device as far away from Homey as possible, but still within reach of another router device (all of those IKEA bulbs are also router devices).


Thanks for your answer, but I think the real problem is in the resetting of the bulb properly.

Take a good look at this video and follow exactly their procedure.

After following this the bulbs paired without any problem !!!

Thanks, in my case it was a combination of both. Finally moving the bulb away from Homey did the trick!

Too bad Homey does not give any hints about this, would have save me an hour. :frowning: