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Overrule a flow


I’m building the following flows:

Flow 1: lights off in the livingroom at 23:00
Flow 2: Overrule Flow 1 with, for example, 1 extra hour and the possibility to repaid this several times if you want to stay up for a longer time

How do you do this? By means of, for example, no more movement for x time (dangerous if you watch TV on the couch) or by means of the countdown function

Does anyone have some examples for me?

I am a new inexperienced user, have a lot of ideas :blush: but still encounter some knowledge limitations :thinking:.

Thank you and nice Sunday

You could use a condition for your TV in your flow. The flow is only execuded when TV is turned of. I use a fibaro wall plug and a virtual device for this. You could also place a motion sensor right in front of the couth.

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Thanks Simon. That’s maybe better! I create this in 3 flows. I test it and think it work! I have to create another flow for overrule another hour.

Flow 1: Warning in 10 minutes lights off
Flow 2: When countdown 0 switch off lights (23:00 hour) or
Flow 3: Touch the button for switch off light 1 hour later

Plz be aware that “tussen maandag en vrijdag” is actually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! Best do some test for that!

Thanks. I saw that to and changed already :+1:

There is also a card with :

I was struggling with the same issues.
Instead of a clock I use a double switch for 30% and 60% dimmed lights (still no dimmer yet). When I push one of the buttons the lights are going on and the body sensor is disabled. For turning off I push the double switch and the body sensor will be enabled again.
This works fine to me although when I turn off the lights with the Good Night option the body sensor still doesn’t work the next time I pass by. So I shouldn’t forget to use the switch. I figured out this works better for the WAF.
The body sensor I use only for short time being in the living.

I have solved this by two switches by the bed. One of me and one for te he wife. We push it when we go to bed. To tell homey that we are sleeping.

Then I have special scenes for the hole house, if both are awake, if just one is a sleep. If both is asleep. If one is asleep and one is away etc.

If we forget to push it homey assumes we are asleep by 02:00 a lock on weekends and 00:00 weekdays.

We have another switch for waking up. So same applies in the morning

I used to do this with the confirmation card.
WHEN 2300 hours AND ask for confirmation “is er nog iemand wakker?” THEN with a response of “ja” turn on 2nd flow with a time of 0.00 hours ELSE kill the Lights.

Smart thinking :grinning: Works well

I build:

I would make the 2nd flow the same as the first flow.
And check the confirmation card and test it! There was something with it like u need to tick the reverse or something but maybe that’s changed alr. In Holland we say: meten is weten!

Ow wait. First read my post above urs again because that’s not the flows I meant.
And the 2nd flow is just the same as the first flow I mentioned except for the time trigger. First flow is 2300 hours, 2nd is 0.00 hours.

Ik heb getest hoor! :grinning: It works well, when you don’t speak Yes a cross there comes and it goes to ’ anders’ in 3th row

Agree! Logical

Did u also test with saying nothing at all? Because that’s what’s goin to happen when ur not in the livingroom anymore.

Yes I did. When you say nothing everything goes down :roll_eyes: Not perfect but can handle that! Or you have another option?

When saying nothing and everything goes off is perfect!!

Yes I test it! It happens! But if I am peeing then I miss the opportunity to call YES and everything goes out!


Easy fix for that: start a flow at 22:55 that says “do not pee”