Flow - If light is on more then X hours turn it off

I need help sorting this puzzle. I would like for flow to check if light is on for more then 2 hours, if yes then turn it off. Now, I can set one variable and with each device is switched on, set variable to true. Then have one flow to… No no no, wait it will not work. Ok, one flow if device is on to start another flow after a delay of 2 hours. This second flow to check if it’s still on turn it off.

But what will happen if I turned it on at 12:00 (off at 12:15) and again on at 13:55. Initial flow trigger will turn it of in 14:00, am I right?

Ok, someone has an idea how to set a flow in case light in hallway is on for more then 2 hours. If it is turn it of…

One method is to use the app Countdown.

Create a countdown timer. Then a flow WHEN light on THEN start a timer of 7200seconds.
Another flow where WHEN light off manually THEN the timer resets to 0.
And one last flow WHEN timer reaches 0 THEN turn off light.

There are other methods, I am sure…

Here is the app:


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Yeap that would work I guess. Three flows for one light… Grrrrr. We need some app to control the lights + presence (did you leave your light on etc).

Until something like this above emerges I will use your advice.

I don 't understand. you got your answer at your question
and you are asking extra possibilities that are already there.

Multiple Apps to controle your different lights and different
ways to controle them with présence. Also if the built in presence
is not working for you even then there are multiple ways.

Yes you need to make flows. more than 3 that is for sure.
But when you are done and it works, you never have to look
at them Anymore.

In that case you can use a multi sensor like either Fibaro or Aeotec (both z-wave) or Aqara Human Body sensor (zigbee) or other.
All the above report both motion (can use for presence) and lux value (can use to figure out if the light is on).
From here, imagination in creating flows you need👍.

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This topic is under questions and help not under requests or suggestions. From where did you get an idea I’m asking for extra possibilities?

For 10 lights I would need 30 flows (3 per light). Plus some flows to chek if all household members left and to send notification for forgotten lights. Quite a lot flows…

Given that homey is based on the IFTTT concept and has no real support for multiple triggers you will make lots and lots and lots of flows if you want automation.
I frequently use flows calling flows to make things more manageable as well so probalby have hundreds of flow by now.

That said if all you want to do is ensure the light is turned off 2 hours after turning it on you can probably do that with an “off” with a “delay” in the turn on flow (but I would go with the count-down and multiple flow approach my self).

perhaps because of…

and yes you need max 30 flows if all the 10 lights are all
in 10 different zones and you do it in the way you ask.

So if someone makes a comment that an app would be an thorough and complete solution you think this is a request? Comment on a forum with subject “questions and help” ?

There is a sub forum for asking (requesting) something, this one in which we are discussing currently is not the one. Official way to ask (request) something is by requesting it to athom directly. So you missed the whole idea and no I didn’t ask no one anything more then help. Help I got.

Generally if I want to make a request I think I will be able to do it even without your noble approval…