Flow questions


I’m trying to figure out a flow and could use some help along the lines.

I’ve wanted to create a flow for when we are watching a movie to shut the lights off and don’t do anything even if the zone is detection motion.

I’ve created a virtual switch that I call movie night and started the flow.

In the perfect example it should work like this

If zone detect motion and movienight is turned on then do nothing, if not then turn on.

When I try to make my flow and I choose is zone is active I can only choose movienight switch on and not off. I’ve tried make the switch a mode but the same result.

Does anyone has a solution to this?

Hi @Kai_El_Grande ,
in most cases where there is no “switch off” you can click the right button of the mouse on the card and choose ‘invert’.

It was that easy :joy: thanks!