Question about my Flow

Hi All!

I created a flow.
The essence is that there’s a motion sensor in my living room with a special solution.
WHEN it turns on between 7 AM and 8 AM, THAN it turns on the home theater amplifier, AND lowers the volume, AND starts playing Jazzy online radio.
My problem is that when the music starts (Folow stared) and the sensor triggers again (before 8 AM), the playback stops, it reconnects to the internet radio (for a few seconds), and then the radio starts playing again. (the flow triggred again i think)
So, could you give me an idea of how to stop the flow once it has started on the same day?

Thank You!

You only turn it on, when it is off. So add an AND card which test it is off.

I don’t understand exactly what you mean.
My amplifier doesn’t turn off and then on again; it’s just that the casting restarts (reconnects).

I see, if I understand correctly your words, the situation will be the same because if the motion sensor is “turned off” again, the casting process restarts.

Because the flow is started again, the cast is also started again. So the AND card prevents the flow to start again.

I’m sorry for being so clueless, but where should I put the ‘and card,’ and which one should I use

Before “Onkyo switch on” you should add the card “Onkyo is on” and use the lower connection point (NOT true) to connect to the next card.

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Something like this.
If Onkyo already is on the flow will stop and the casting will not restart.

Thank you very much, but I’m not able to do it. It’s likely that I’m not interpreting what you’re writing correctly. I’m very much a beginner, and I don’t even understand the ‘Text Tag’ card, but I did it as you can see… but the cast starts over, unfortunately.

I tried this later as well, and I thought that the flow should stop if the Onkyo is turned on, but for some reason, it doesn’t stop.

You only have to add the part off the flow with " Is On, yellow Line, Turn On". after the time card.
So when the flow starts, the time is in between x and y, and the Onkyo is not on, then turn it on.
If now the flow starts again, and the time is between x and y, the Onkyo is on, that is now the bleu line, but there is no bleu line so the flow stops at that point.

Thank you very much, Mike, for your patience!
It works perfectly this way.

I have one more question regarding this.
How can I make sure that this Flow only runs once a day?

So if it started in the morning at 7:00, but I don’t want the music to play, and I turn off the Onkyo, but it’s still before 8:00, I don’t want it to start again. :slight_smile:

One way would be to have this flow disable itself, you can add a card for that in parallel with the card that start casting for instance. Then you can actually remove the test if Onkyo is turned on, because this flow will not be trigged again.
You could do everything in a single flow, but it will be more robust I believe to have a second flow that is run at a specific time of day, for instance 6:45, that enable this flow again.

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Or, when you don’t like disabling flows,
add a Y/N variable, let’s call it Variable_A. Set it to true when the flow gets triggered.
Then add it as a condition, like “Variable_A is false” and connect it using the blue output line between “the time is x” and “Onkyo is on”
At midnight, or at 4A.M. trigger a flow which sets Variable_A to false again.

I know this is easier to explain / understand by a flow example, but no computer here…

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@Tamas_Kovacs I have made a variable ja/nee (Yes/No)
And if i turn on my light between 6:00 and 7:15 then another light wil also go on at 100%.
If i turn the lights of and turn them back on between 6:00 and 7:15 only one light will turn on because the variable is switched to Nee.
When it is 7:16 i turn the variable back to Ja.


Thank you Mike!

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