Motion sensor with lights, turning off after certain amount of time

Hi all,

I’ve got my flow working with the help of this forum. Nevertheless… I don’t really understand what I’m doing. I’ve made a flow myself, which should work in my opinion but it doesn’t. The lights go on and off in a random manner, so it seems. Below I post a screenshot of the non-working flow. Can anybody tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’m trying to understand the basic “flows philosophy” to make more flows than just this one.

In the THEN part u put the lights on to 70% and also off with the next card. But why re-invent the wheel?

The link you send is exactly what I’ve done. It’s working. Nonetheless, I don’t understand why my previous flow isn’t working. You’re saying that I put the lights off in the “then” line, but the previous card says; dim the switch to 70 % with a duration of 5 seconds. (I’ve put in 5 seconds to test, but what it should be is somewhat like 600 seconds). What I expect is to set the lights to 70 % brightness for 5 seconds (or whatever time period) and then go out. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, and don’t want to bother everybody on the forum every time I want to make a flow…:slight_smile:

What you flow says at the then part is three starting 3 things at the same time, go lamp go on for 5 seconds at 70% dim, but at the exact same time , go off and at the exact same time start a flow. So you have to put some delations for the other then cards, card two in this case a delay off 5 seconds and the third card also a delay. Delays are countable. So second card delay 5 seconds and third card a delay off 10 seconds means that the third card starts 5 seconds after the second card.

Btw, ur first card sets the dim level over time starting from present dim level.
So if lights are on at 50%, the card goes from 50% to 70% over 5 seconds. Like it takes 5 seconds to go from 50 to 70%.
This is not a card to put the lights on for 5 seconds!

Thanks for the reply. I thought the “then” part was displayed in a chronological order, but apparently not. Thanks for the input.

Follow-up question: Is there a way to program the dimmer in a manner that it will overrule the sensor for a certain amount of time. To be clear; I’ve got an ecodimmer (zigbee/z-wave) controlling the lights that are also controlled by the new flow. I still would like to keep a certain amount of manual control capability. If I would like the lights of by pressing the dimmer, or maybe less or more brightness, the flow will overrule and put the lights back according to the flow.