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Hello, I am trying to programme a flow so that my washing machine only switches on when the electricity price (Tibber) is below EUR 0.30 or the PV system’s storage has at least 1KW stored. The electricity price is currently 0.40 EUR and the storage tank is filled with 0.8 KW, but the washing machine still starts. What am I doing wrong?

That the washing machine is strange because both conditions are wrong.
Have you test the flow manually?
Right click on the trigger-cards and start test.

But the flow are also not working as you want to do.
You have indeed making twice an OR flow in stat of two AND flows.

If you want to start with the price, then the battery card has to be a AND card.
It’s now a IF/WHEN card.
So now: OR the price is right OR the battery right, let the washing machine starting.

By the way: two triggers to an AND card will never start a flow, as they will never occur at the same time.

it is not AND :slight_smile:

@Tim_Nagel I would add action-cards to display (in timeline or other) the value of those two variables when the machine started. Also you could check the timeline of the machine if it is really started by a flow.

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2 flows

 IF/When          And              Then
Price card     Battery card   Washing-machine card

But switching OFF a washing machine that is ON, is not right to do.
You have to put a card in the flow that tested if the washing machine IS ON.

Because you created the flows for the dryer and not for the washing machine… :wink:

(Trockner = Dryer)

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Sharp :wink:

Many thanks for your tips, has anyone programmed such a flow? I want one of the conditions, low electricity price or enough electricity in the storage tank to switch the Shelly switch on the washing machine or dryer ON and if neither of the two conditions electricity price too high or not enough electricity in the storage tank, Shelly socket OFF. Maybe someone has programmed such a flow and can send me a picture of it. Best regards Tim

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Hallo hat den niemand ein Beispiel für mich wie er das in Homey gelöst hat.

Als ehemaliger Nutzer von Homee versuche ich mich in Homey und habe da doch mehr Probleme als gedacht, so gelingt es mir auch nicht einen in Homee relativ einfachen flow in Homey darzustellen. Ich möchte das der Lüfter bei z.B. >50% luftfeuchte in der Zeit von/bis angeht und <50% Luftfeuchte oder nachts ausgeht. Hier mein Flow der leider nicht funktioniert, ich denke es liegt daran das er nicht den absoluten Wert niemd sondern die Veränderung. Ich benötige aber den absoluten Wert den mir mein Fühler auch anzeigt:

As a test, you can write the humidity on the time line.

And it seems that a trigger and a state must both be true because you put them in an AND card.

Don’t you mean something like:

IF the humidity has become greater than 50%

AND the time is between 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

THEN turn on the fan

Otherwise, first build up the flow as a normal flow.

I tried it myself, but Advanced Flows allows you to insert a trigger and a state into an AND card. While the flow never starts with it. The state cart follows the trigger cart.

Hallo Rmb,

vielen Dank für deine Nachricht. Genau das habe ich vor das bei der Luftfeuchtigkeit von 50% der Lüfter anspringt, aber nur in einer bestimmten Zeit da er nachts im Schlafzimmer sonst zu laut ist.

WENN die Luftfeuchtigkeit größer als 50 % ist geworden
UND die Zeit ist zwischen 11:00 und 20:00 Uhr
DANN schalten Sie den Ventilator ein


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Is this clear

      Y   11:00 - 20:00
% >  50


Then you can use the second (serial) flow, where the two cards are in a row.:grin:

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Well, this is an AND card, so it will never work as a trigger/WHEN card!
→ This AND card should be put ‘in series’ with the humidity trigger card, to become a real condition:

I understand you found out already, but this is an extra explanation

And a little bit more sturdy :grinning:

Thanks for your answers.

ist this correct, I don´t know if yellow line will turn it of between 8pm an 10am?


Yellow line = the condition is not true.
So the flow stops there, when it is not between 11u and 20u and other cards are connected to the yellow line.

But: if you connect blue + yellow to the next card, the condition card can be omitted (it’s always true or false!)

No. You need an extra card that switches off the ventilator and connect the yellow line to that new card. Computers are not that smart :wink:

But most likely you need a second flow to switch of the ventilator, so you can start the flow with another trigger. Like:
WHEN time is 20:00
AND the ventilator is ON
THEN switch of the ventilator

Indeed you have to added, by my simple drawing in post 12, a flow line that switch the device off on 20:00