Dynamic price is below 0, limit power to 0 for solar

Hello all,

I was thinking about doing something like the following (using Tibber and SMA for solar panels/inverter);

  • if Price changed and when Current Price is below 0
  • then; SMA converter; limit active power output to 0

So basically, when price drops below 0, stop delivering power from solar panels.

Should this work you think? And how would it know to get back to active power delivering when price goes back to normal? Thoughts? :grinning:

I don’t use Tibber and the SMA App, but as I can see the available flow cards in the App Store it should work.

– Price changed
– Current Price is not below 0 (or whatever)
(Standard-Flows: invert flow card / Advanced-Flows: invert card and use the blue connection point or use the card as it is and use the orange connection point)
– Limit the active power output to 1000 W (or whatever)