Optical Smoke Detectors Mandatory in NL from 1 July

From 1 July 2022 it will be mandatory to install optical smoke detectors in all Dutch homes.

As I have to buy new ones for my house anyway, I obviously would like Smart ones. Can anyone recommend a particular type or brand of detector that conforms to the new law and works well with Homey?

There’s a good article about the new law written by a Ziggo community user, here (in Dutch):
Rookmelders per 1 juli 2022 verplicht in bestaande bouw

To be clear, they don’t have to be smart (at least for existing buildings).

Thanks, so it’s just new buildings that have to be smart then. They do need to be optical though (photoelectric) as apposed to ionisation, if I understand it correctly. Obviously being a Homey user I want to add smart detectors, so any recommendations?

Not in the way that you seem to suggest (that you can use them for home automation). In new buildings, they have to be interlinked with each other.

okay thanks, I think I will change my question, because what I really want is recommendations for Smart Detectors.

Hi Daniel,

I recently bought 3 smart smoke detectors and a smoke/co-detector. https://www.smarthomebeveiliging.nl/product/slimme-rookmelder/ is the one I choose. It isnt directly compatible with Homey, but I managed to get it to work by webhooks. So now, when it detects smoke or co, the lights will turn on in my house.
Works fine so far, and did cost a lot less than the Fibaro ones.

If you need any more explanation, let me know.

If you find one, which is smart working nicely…and not too expensive maybe, that would be great!

How do you do that?

Macrodroid f.i. can read the app alarm notifications and send specific webhooks.

That’s probably an Android App?

I’m in the Apple ecosystem, so this won’t work for me…

Probably too many (incompatible?) requirements, but anyone aware of a smoke detector that:

  • is EU approved
  • is supported by Homey (or HomeKit or Homebridge)
  • can be exported to HomeKit
  • has a battery that lasts 10 years
  • can be connected to other identical detectors (without a hub)
  • has no LED (or one that can be disabled in normal operation)

I see.
For iphone you can take a look at the “Tasker” (Opdrachten in Dutch) app. Maybe it can run commands when a specific app notification occurs.

Looks like Apple’s Shortcuts App.

Unfortunately it can’t do that (and third party Apps definitely not).