OOMI Mote switch cannot be added

I guess there is a misunderstanding. I have never had such problems with the pairing Wizard, but I only use devices that are compatible with Homey and the corresponding apps. So no, I don’t have these OOMI switches.

I spoke with an employee of Aeotec. He said that it should theoretically be possible to install the firmware from the Aeotec WallMote Quad on the OOMI devices. Then the OOMI devices would work with the Homey Aeotec App. However, for this you need a Z-Wave controller that can be used to perform firmware updates, e.g. an Aeotec Z-Stick. This is not possible directly with Homey.

Another option would be, you tell me the device IDs of the OOMI devices, I give them to the Aeotec employee and he updates the Homey Aeotec App so that the OOMI devices are recognized by the App.
To find out which device ID these devices use, you have to include the devices (or only one device) as a generic Z-Wave device.
Add new device → Homey → Z-Wave
If that was successful, you can find the device ID in the devices section of Developer Tools.
Search for this device and note the device ID (zw_product_id):

Your choice.