On/Off switch for central heating

What z-wave or zigbee device would be able to switch on/off a central heating system (Centrale verwarming in Dutch) ?

I believe that if you close circuit the two wires of a cv thermostat connection, the cv will switch on.

Thats correct, according the GAMMA https://www.gamma.nl/thermostaat-vervangen

Dat zeg ik!!!Gamma

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In the netherlands There are 2 systems of central heating:
1 On/Of, this one will work with a switch that closes
2 Opentherm this is a protocal, so the switch will not work

So make sure you check what type of heater you have.

Yes, I am aware of that. As I have floor heating, I was told on/off is fine.

Back to the question: what would be best to short circuit this? Would any on/off relay be fine?

There is even systems with 220v for thermostats so it does depend on ur system like Fkey mentioned.
And as u have floor heating does not mean u need on/off ofc. I have floor heating running on OpenTherm.

The system is determined by the central heating,
You cannot connect an On/Of to an opentherm.
I agree with @Rocodamelshekima, floor heating does not mean you can do On/Of