Thermostat: how to determine when the central heating is on or off

I have some things based up on my central heating thermostat. Of example: when the balcony door stays open and it is chill out side the heating should go off and Homey tells me I forgot the door. But in the summer time I do not want those things.
The problem? my thermostat only has AND card for status: heating or off.

I feel there are two solutions…

  1. I need to adjust the rhythm for when the central heating is on/off. Which I should do. Now the whole year the thermostat is set to 19 ° every morning (even though it is way to hot). Then I can base the balcony door notification on heating is off.
  2. I make a variable that tells if the heating is on or off based on temperatures. If the temperature in the living room is higher that the set temperature of the thermostat, I do not need a notification that I left the door open.

But then again, it feels all a bit difficult. Do I miss a simpler set-up?

If door is open
And heating = true
And outside temp < 19°C
Then send alert

For outside temp you could use an aqara sensor f.i.
As long as it is free from rain and full sunlight it should work. It can handle -20°C to +60°C and 100% humidity.
I have one in my freezer and one under the cooking hood w.o. any problem.

Several weather apps work pretty well too, but then the outside temp depends on the nearest weather station.
For indoor temp you could also use an Aqara temperature sensor too ofc

I figured this out, the thing is: if I use this flow I need to have a more advanced heating flow. When do you stop heating the house? The point that heating can be turned off is a grey area one.

I got the idea this is all you can do with Homey and your thermostat / heating.
If you have action cards for it also, the story changes.
PS. I wouldn’t trust Homey to turn off my heating system.
If an open window or door is detected, setting the set temperature to a few degrees lower would be my choice. In combination with all kinds of warnings.
And when door/ window is closed again, set the temp back to the original set temp.

I had Lyric manage the heating but it interfered with Homey doing things. So I have now Flows set in place to heat: but only based on when someones home and time). It continues when it is summer. I’d like to have Flows also controlling this, but there are too many factors (early or late summer, cold mornings, warm afternoons, etc). But I can manually turn it off. But then I also need to disable the Flows controlling the heat.

You could add a virtual button to turn the heating off. When the button is turned off it could turn off the heating and disable the heating control flows. When it is turned on, enable the heating control flows.