Need temperature sensor recommendations

I’m trying to make my Homey run most of my heating in my house. On of my rooms has both old central heating which I can control with EvoHome and an electrical AC with heat-pump, controlled by a Sensibo. I’ve set up a heating schedules which checks the outside temperature and decides how to heat the room, electrical or with gas, and does exactly that.

My main issue are the wildly different temperatures that are being reported. The roomtemp according to my AC will be 21, while the smart-heater control will log the temperature at 18.5. Granted the AC is on the other side of the room as the old heater, and also at a different height, this is way too big of a difference, the room is not that big. So I need an independent thermometer that can control both units based on the actual temperature in the room, my biggest issue so far is the refresh rate.

I’ve tried a cheap KaKu thermometer, Fibaro Eye and was looking in to some Aeotec gear, but they all seem to have a temperature refresh of 15 minutes. While I don’t need instant temperatures, 15 minutes seems a bit long to keep a heater running if the temperature has been reached.

My next stop was looking at the Aquara, but before buying even more thermometers, I thought I’d ask here first. Any recommendations? (please note I’m going to need at least 7 of them, so price will be a factor.)

The Aqara temperature sensors update as soon as the temperature changes. I have a lot of them in use (even in the fridge). As a little tip. Group the temperatures in a room with the groups app. You can then have the average temperature displayed on the tile and use this temperature for controlling.


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How often the Fibaro MotionSensor reports the temperature depends on the following settings:

So, in my opinion, there is no reason at all to buy a new sensor.

good point, and I did tweak some settings on the Eye I have. But I need at least one in every room, which is where price comes in. Also; the battery for the Eye is ‘harder to find’ and more expensive. The Eye is a great device, but at scale, when you need a bunch of them, it gets really pricey. Thanks for the tip though!

Which temperature sensors are you using for evohome?
The ones inside the controllers? (Which are very close to the heater)
Evohome also supports seperate thermostates. You can also use these to control your AC.

The sensors of the EvoHome heating valves are indeed close to the central heating, but funnily enough, they always report a lower temperature in my setup. I think the guy that installed it tried to compensate for the fact that they were close to the actual heater.

Right now, I have the EvoHome sensor (which is at around 1.2m from the ground on an outside wall), the sensor of my AC unit (which is at around 2.2m from the ground on an inside wall) and an external thermometer. Logically, the Evohome shows lower temps, and the AC shows higher temps, due to their place in the room. The difference between these 2 is usually around 3 degrees celcius.

The external thermometer (I went with @Undertaker 's advice and bought some Aqara’s), is positioned exactly where I want the room-temp to be measured, so that’s the one I went with as the ‘true’ temperature of the room. It took some flow-changes but now the heater (which is chosen according to outside temp as my AC unit doesn’t perform very well is the outside temp is lower than 4 degrees) will heat the room until the Aqara sensor says it’s 20 degrees, making the temps perfect every time.

Thats easy to check (and adjust)

  1. Press and hold the button on the (HR92) controller for 5 sec
  2. Turn until you see 8 calibrate
  3. Press the button to edit
    4 turn to change the offet (-3…+3 degrees)

Where’s the heatpump when you need it…
It indeed a bummer that hybrid heatpumps quit working below 4C :slightly_frowning_face: