Number of z-wave devices

how many z-wave devices can be connected to the new Homey Pro?

For z-wave it is the same theoretical amount as for the older Homey Pro’s, 231 devices, as that is the z-wave’s limit.

Thank you, I thought the new chip can teach more devices. Then thank you :+1:

It might have been upgraded in the Z-Wave 700 protocol, but I kind of doubt that, that would need a significant change in the protocol itself, including the to be included devices.
But have also yet to see someone reach the 231 devices limit with Homey, so should be enough.

As I have connected a whole house with all the trimmings with z-wave 231 devices are not enough… alone the sockets are 120 pieces :wink: But there I will probably continue a little with Zigbee Devices.

Or use a homey pro plus a homey cloud as sattellite :wink: