Nuki 2.0 ‘cannot parse token response’ issue

I can’t use my Nuki V2 with Homey ( on iPad but same problem with windows)
At first The lock was working but logging out every day and I was using “fix” over and over.

So I did a “hardware” reset and uninstalled the Nuki app, as well as the Homey app, I deleted the Nuki Web account.

After reinstalling everything and creating a new Nuki web account, I can no longer use my lock with Homey I have the message “could not parse token response”.

Any idea to solve this problem please?

Thank you.

I have the same issue since today. Until yesterday it was running without any issues. Out of nothing I get now the same message „Could not parse…“ and repairing is not working neither.

This may not be very helpful, but I use the Nuki Direct app from the Community App Store and have no problems.
Maybe you should contact Athom.

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The Homey Community Store Installer (Mac) is not installing the Store app to my Homey. Reason I don‘t know. Installation is starting but running and running and no success.

Thank you for your suggestion, I took a look to Nuki direct, it looks great but It seems that I m not allowed to download it and don t know how to install it🤗…

Same here, cant process the repair

@marko0703, if there is an issue, please try to clarify this in the Homey Community App Store thread.

@Yann_Yann, please follow this instruction and read the FAQs.

Thanks Fantross, I have installed Hcs but Nuki direct download button is ‘grey’ I can t click on it… is it the same for you?

Oops that was just because I didn’t t entered the code.:hugs:
Nuki Direct looks nice.

so for the moment everyone has the same problem and no one seems to look at nuki itself? I have the same problem but also the google assistant is losing connection all the time to nuki. so there is a problem with nuki server, not the nuki app. the nuki direct app is not using the cloud from niki and therefor is still works but not easy to install for all none technical persons I think.

Feedback from support is strange: We need to report issues to Nuki as they changed something in their API. As I’m still quite new in teh Homey Community it sounds strange aa the developer of the App is Athom - how Nuki can fix this? I have received similar feedback to other Apps developed by Athom that they refer to the Manufacturer and we need to contact them?! I’m a bit disappointed on feedback to their own Apps.

Well, if a manufacturer dares to change their API and it breaks an Athom app, who’s at fault here? Certainly not Athom for not keeping up with the changes.


But still Athom needs to fix it as the API is used by other Smart Home gateways or developers as well - it’s nothing unique?! They need to adapt their app to a changed API or am I wrong?

You’re not wrong, you just don’t know what “/s” means :wink:

Than educate me :wink:

You also don’t know how links work? :grimacing: Urban Dictionary: /S

No, but now I know. Got it :slight_smile:

Hi to all,

the test version : Nuki | Homey seems to have fixed the token issue.:crossed_fingers:

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Got the same feedback but maybe better to keep Nuki Direct :wink:

After a while it shows again an error: Token cannot be refreshed. Than I need to repair again. Looks like the Nuki Direct version is more stable :wink: