Not able to pair Z-Wave Danalock V3

Here is an update.
I bought another Danalock, and I were able to add it to my Homey right out of the box without any problem. Afterwards I removed it from Homey, and added the lock to the danalock app on the phone where I also updated the locks FW. Afterwards there were no issues to add it again to Homey. All numbers on the old and new box are the same, so the two locks should be the same

I also found that a fellow at work also has Homey, so he will test for me if the problem Danalock can be added to his Homey. If it can then it proves that my Homey database has a corruption of some sort, and if he not can add it , then it more or less proves that the device is bad, even if it responds well both with the Danalock app and clicks on the lock.

I will keep You updated…

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Has anyone been able to solve this problem? I removed the device from the danalock app, added it again but homey still says something went wrong? Thank you.

I had always to move close to Homey, when pairing it again. Also it helps to do the removal in close distance and/or check if the node is not stuck on Homey Developer Tools

The lock is 1 cm away.
There was an unknown node in the dev tools under z-wave. I removed it. But the problem remains the same.
I’m very glad I haven’t removed the other danalock from HA yet.
If I don’t solve this, one homey pro will be for sale at a good price. :frowning:

Have you tried to generate logs from app and contact Danalock App support ? Developer usually respond within a day… 2nd option would be to contact Athom, while providing system diag log.
Also I guess you are trying to add right type of device - ZWAVE for ZWAVE and Zigbee for…you know.

You can try to share also your ZWAVE view but if you eliminated already UKNOWN nodes, not sure it will help. You may also try to cut power from non-battery powered ZWAVE routers, to see if that will make any difference.