Does anyone have or want to make an app for the NorthQ Powermeter and Q-Plug.
I know they are about to be a bit old.

Many thanks in advance

northq has a app on GitHub. works fine for what it is

Thank you :slight_smile:

now that there is an app … does anyone know how to configure it? trying to change the number of heart rate is not working and get my kWh from my meter.

i like to add the NorthQ meter. But this doesn’t work:

status.Cannot read property ‘commandsPromise’ of undefined

Homey is on 5.0.0

App Version 1.0.1

The App is probably written for SDK1, Homey V5.0.0 only works with Apps SDK2 or SDK3. Ask the developer to rewrite the App.

If it’s an SDKv1 app it won’t install on v5 so it wouldn’t have the chance to throw an error. The app says it’s for firmware v3 and up. Sadly it looks like it’s closed source so can’t check and see what the issue might be.

How can i contact the developer?

@Thomas_W @robertklep

Unfortunately this is not the V1.0.1 but an older V0.05

Unfortunately the answer of the developer is:
„ Sorry, since I did’nt own a Homey anymore, I can’t support you and my peace of software“.

Can anybody help?