[APP][Pro] Watts Live MQTT

Watts Live MQTT integrates the smart power meter from Watts.dk into Homey.

The smart meter supports sending live data to a MQTT broker, and this app consumes that data, and exposes the smart power meter inside Homey.

To use it you will need a MQTT broker. If you don’t already have one, the excellent MQTT Broker app for Homey works just fine.

Once you’ve setup the broker, and created a login for the Watts Live device, you can then proceed to the actual setup of the device. Watts has a description for setting it up with Home Assistant, and you can skip step sections 1 and 2.

Next up you need the MQTT Client app for Homey, which you need to configure to connect to the broker running on your Homey Pro.

Finally you can install the Watts Live MQTT App. It automatically detects and connects to your MQTT Broker via the client app, and detects all Watts Live devices sending data to that broker.

Production metric are not included on initial setup as there is no way to tell if the device has production or not. Instead these can be enabled from the app settings once installed.