Nodeid replace/change when removing/adding devices?

Have a question for Zigbee in Homey Bridge. I messed around with it and didn’t just install devices that can act as routers like the first 15 devices. I have now understood in retrospect that it is critical and notice that I do not have good contact throughout the house.
My question is if I delete a device such as has nodeid 1 and adds a new unit, will it then get nodeid 1 or will it be the one with nodeid 2 that is “moved up”?
Is there any other smart way besides redoing everything

The node ID is just a number, it’s not really meaningful in any way.

If you want to rebuild your network you have to start over.

Ok, thanks for reply. Then I have misunderstood that you should only have routers (no EndDevice) on nodeid 2-14? Is there really any difference in the order in which I add devices if I now start over?

Node ID is not relevant, what’s relevant is that you have a good working network, with lots of routers, before you start adding end devices.

Your network may start working better if you remove all of your end devices, then let the router devices settle the network (say a couple of hours) and add any new router devices that you may have, then add the end devices back.

Also, pairing end devices should always be done with the devices at the location where you intend to use them (so not pairing the device next to Homey, then move it to its location).

But sometimes you just need to reset the entire Zigbee network and start over. And keep in mind that Zigbee and WiFi channels may overlap, so you may have to change either the Zigbee or the WiFi channel to keep the overlap to a minimum.