No zigbee mesh after Homey v3.2.1-rc.7

This week I installed the new RC7 firmware. Stating up took around 10 min.
I think another 10 min. before I could use my switches and lights.

Now I checked my zigbee network and all devices are connected directly to my homey in stead of a mesh with Ikea bulbs as routers.

There is a newer: RC8 >

I know, but there is no new changelog (always the same with rc-updates, so a new rc-update had no changes…? <-- stupid that there is no changelog for every rc update)

And I’m a little afraid to update again with a rc version, because it feels buggy this time.

It’s not unheard of that it takes up to 20 minutes for Homey’s Zigbee to “settle” and start working (although this probably won’t happen each time, but usually after a firmware update). It usually can also take a while before you see the actual routes within your network.

From Slack: