Nissan (leaf)

Yep, added flows for refreshing data, start climate and configurable battery alarm to the todo list.
Firstly I will do a complete rewrite of the nissan-connect client: GitHub - maccyber/nissan-connect-client: Node.js TypeScript client library for the Nissan Connect API

To make things more stable, better error handling and messages and possibility to add multiple cars and so on.
Soon finished.


Nice! Just some feature that i miss, Hope it should t be to complicated to add:
Car temperature is availible in the nissan api, also time to charge (6kw a nd 3kw) would be nice to have. I also would like to see the climate status. This is my current setup with the MQTT work around GitHub - yp87/leaf2mqtt: Pull in data from the Nissan Connect platform for the LEAF and publish over MQTT. All values are also availible as tags/variable.

I guess start charge is also included as an action card?