Car leasing information

Hi team, I’m kind of new to Homey (Just got my Homey Pro 2023 10 minutes ago) :wink:

I have a leasing car that started Oct 26, 2022 and Im supposed to drive 1500 “mil” per year and the contract is 3 years. 4.11 “mil” per day (1500 “mil” / 365)…

Currently I have been driving further with the car than I should and I have been tracking this in a google sheet. I was wondering if there is any way of showing the status on a card in Homey?

Today its Jan 11, 2024 meaning it has passed 442 days since the contract started Oct 26, 2022. It also means that I should have my odometer below 1816 “mil” (442 * 4.11) and I’m currently at 2680.

2680 - 1816 = 1044 “mil” over…

Is it possible to acchieve? I get my current odometer status from the Kia Connect app so its dynamic and added to my Homey datapoints.

Hello and welcome,

I think you should post in the Kia app topic. Did you install the Kia app alr?
(I don’t know what you mean with “Kia connect”)

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